Microsoft begins preparing Windows 10 22H2 feature update for public rollout

Stuck at 64% and goes up to 67%, 94%, 98% and then restarts again link. Then you would choose the option to keep your files. Reset this PC is a Windows 10 feature that lets you reset the Operating System in the case of stability problems or want to wipe out everything and reinstall the OS. Always keep your Antivirus program updated to avoid any potential malware attack.

  • The exact time and date will appear at the position of the cursor.
  • Select the display to record from the drop-down menu, and click OK.
  • Then choose the option to “Local reinstall” windows.
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I have listed a native way to record the screen and three other methods, including one dedicated to students and two third-party tools. All the methods are free to use, don’t have any ads, and save the screen recordings without watermarks. If you wish to learn how to take screenshots on Windows 11, head over to our linked guide to learn 8 different methods. And if you recently moved to Windows 11 and looking for hidden features in Windows 11, follow our list of features. Finally, if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below. It’s not a free screen recorder like the options below, but if you need something for professional use on a regular basis then it might be worth the investment.

Take Screenshots on Windows 11 Like a Pro

Your pc will boot into the recovery menu if restarted a few times with an unsuccessful boot. I thought my programs were gonna die, but they turned out to be installed. It does nothing, it just resets your PC settings, and makes your PC faster.

Press the Windows button to open the Start Menu, then click the settings cog above the power button. As we’re on the subject of shortcuts, it’s also worth noting that you can open Settings by pressingWindows + I. And the screenshot of the current window will be saved to your clipboard.

Screenshots of Bandicam Screen Recorder

We want to run both Linux and Windows Server as… Snipping Tool will freeze your screen and fade out to crop a screenshot. During this time, you can run AnyMP4 Screen Recorder to save time and get a better result.

It’s free for 14 days, after which it’s a one-off fee of£48.43. The system remembers only one shot, so if you don’t fix the image immediately then pressing Print Screen again will replace it with a new one. This will not be useful when you need to take a series of images.