The WOW of NOW

Remember connect-the-dot coloring books? At first when we looked at the page all we saw were dots that made no sense, that had no form. When we began connecting the dots, all of sudden what were once just dots on the page, became a clown, a flower, a tree. Going through change is like that. In the faster-than-the-speed-of-light change, we loose sight of the larger picture–we fail to see there is pattern even though at first glance we don’t see it in the barrage of dots.

When I connect the dots in my coloring book of these change filled times, I see a pattern of learning and growing. I call it–the WOW of NOW. I believe we are gaining–Worth, Opportunity and Wisdom


Many of us have been pushed “out of the nest”–our jobs/roles have changed, long-time processes have been altered, financial sources have shifted, or in some cases, been eliminated. We are learning to value ourselves beyond our job, roles and titles. And this is positive, for the more we discover the value of our unique potential, the more we find other outlets for our personal expression, the more whole we will feel and the more resilient we will become.

Challenges have forced us to stretch ourselves beyond what we felt we could do. As a result we’ve leveled up our skills and competencies. A good thing when you consider we must become “portable”. We have to become like turtles carrying our houses on our backs–trading outer security for inner security.

We are becoming more self-reliant and creative. Each and every time we face yet another new thing, we are struck with the wisdom of the message: the courage to run the race comes from within.


We are continually faced with no-recipe, never-been-done situations that offer us blank slates. This is an excellent opportunity to try things we’ve never tried before and create adventure and excitement.

Change provides us with new information and challenges us to constantly learn and grow. We are learning quickly that what we draw to us, we learn to heal. What we push against, we learn to conquer.

Change teaches us that we can’t be ready for new and better if we continue to do the same things we’ve always done and in the same way we’ve always done them. Policies and procedures have been streamlined and many were overdue for reinvention.


In the challenge of building an aerodynamic culture that can travel at the speed of light, we’ve stripped away management layers. Coming together to pool resources is the in-thing. Operative words for the 21st Century are community and interdependence. With this increased intimacy, we are acquiring a deeper understanding and honoring of ourselves and others. We’re learning–we can’t go it alone.

Change nudges us to look UP and reach UP. We discover that bottom-line alone doesn’t give us the meaning we need to keep on keeping on. In seeking the answer to, “What’s it all about Alfie?”, we are gaining a higher vision and value of each life event and beginning to see that there is a place for soul in the workplace and in our everyday exchanges.

We are discovering that our power lies in our choices. We are growing up. Increased responsibility gives us the substance for great works. Continually rising to meet it, we embrace the best of ourselves and we learn–we really are valuable, we really can make it.

And we will thrive–WOW!