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My desire is to see you succeed in life and work according to your vision. My commitment is to stand with you and to “let” discovery unfold as together we  create workable, targeted, practical solutions. This your journey!



While there are many definitions to coaching, overall, my coaching focuses first on personal leadership which is about helping you, whatever your position or place in life, become a leader in your own life, clarify a vision for what that looks like and consciously make decisions with a purposeful design and then choose behaviors which create your vision.

I believe the change you seek happens from the inside-out and can be created by working with the relationship between your mind-set, behavior and the impact your behavior has on you, others and how they shape the outcomes you seek.

The second focus of my coaching is communication. A significant part of personal leadership is building relationships with others and at the heart of that, is the development of your “inner quality” and your ability to communicate and connect with others.

The third focus is life or personal coaching. This is about looking at your whole life, creating your own brand of balance and putting practices into place that serve your life vision and vitality.


I see my role as being your collaborative partner to help you grow, clarify your targets and accountability to do what is necessary to reach your goals. I also play the role of encourager so that you keep on keeping on, sustain your progress and provide the expertise, resources and education to give you the tools you need to achieve the success you want.

I am not a counselor and do not provide psychotherapy. Coaching differs from counseling in that you shape and direct the process based on what you want to achieve and the ultimate purpose is to empower you to build your strengths and let go of what’s not working but not for me to “fix” you.

What would coaching look like for me?

The best way to answer that is to share some challenges that a few of my coaching clients faced, the process we used and the results they created.


1. Client: Library Leader

Challenge: A relatively new library regional director wanted to establish leadership through a series of presentations with key stakeholders at meetings within the region.

Action/Results: The process she chose was to first clear on her leadership, her vision, philosophy, expectations and plans for the future. Then we decided how to present this information in way that was true to this person and organized in a way that met the audience’s profile and in language that would be a good fit for them. Lastly, we practiced matching body language with her style and her message.

My coachee’s preparation minimized tension, getting clear on her message gave her confidence and learning how arrange her thoughts all worked together in well-delivered a clear message. The Stakeholders responded very favorably to her confidence and the clarity of her message. They knew where she stood and didn’t have to guess about what they could expect from her or what she expected from them.

2. Client: An aspiring professional

Challenge: This person was in a toxic office setting and wanted to learn how to deal with some of the challenging personalities, set boundaries so he wouldn’t be swayed and put strategies in place to manage his stress.

Action/Results: We defined the toxic-types he was dealing with, looked at how he had been handling repetitive situations and identified what he could do differently. He choose a bit-by-bit plan in that we worked with a strategy, he practiced it, we reviewed its success and we continued the process so little bit-by-little bit he integrated the skills and tools with his style and was able to successfully apply these skills and tools to his everyday people challenges.

3. Client: Health Care Leader

Challenge: When a healthcare director approached me, he said, the good news is I am smart and the bad news is I am smart. What he meant by that was he could manage situations that required his clinical know-how, but when it came to responding to his reports, he wasn’t always connecting and didn’t always think he was as encouraging as would be effective.

Action/Results: We decided that we would focus on situations where he dealt with personnel exchanges well and when not. We then role played options of his responses so he had very specific tools to address very specific issues. The overall thrust was for him to instill a leader-coach approach so he was able to allow his department heads autonomy, guide them and encourage without stifling them and get stronger on making personal connections so they felt a connection with him versus seeing him only from “the boss” perspective. The result is was he was able to engage his staff, build more trust in key relationships and be more encouraging to them which helped them develop their own leadership.

1.  Am a business-success coach through the World Wide Association of Coaches. Multiple coaching pathways are available to help you articulate your goals and identify strategies to reach them.
2.  Have 25 years of experience and expertise in training and coaching aspiring professionals from a broad range of industries working for you to clarify the value of where you are, where you want to be, what you need to get there and what’s standing in your way.
3.  Aim to offer the larger picture and then connect the dots so you become clear about your direction and as a result, make empowering choices to manifest your vision.
4. Offer fresh ideas. I love putting our heads together and brainstorming new ways to look at things, helping you get clear on your direction, and putting shape and structure to your design for success and fulfillment.

When I left corporate America, I was spinning my wheels and frankly I was drowning in a thousand tasks and becoming financially overwhelmed.  Lauren helped me to get on path and on purpose with organized tasks and obtainable steps to reach new goals that were in line with what I really wanted to do. 

Her talents are amazing and her tools work as she took a passing dream and helped me to make it into a world renowned business. 

–J. Hummel M.A. CCC/SLP, RYT-500, WHOGA


When I moved to a management position, I needed help with increased challenges and getting buy-in from people, building trust and seeing myself as a leader.  Lauren helped me to lead more effectively and feel confident in doing so.  

— J. Howlett, Supervisor


I felt my plan taking shape as I worked along with Lauren exploring what I could accomplish. I feel I am well on my way to reaching my goal. I think Lauren is an excellent coach and very insightful with people. I am happy to recommend her to anyone seeking to take their experience and know how and create a product, (in my case a book), talk or program. –

– J. Yoo,  professional and author.








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