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Launch Your Next Step in Personal Leadership for yourself and for your employees with webinars and workshops by Lauren Burnett, an approved BETLSS provider.

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Self Study Webinars Approved For BETLSS Hours

Access our relevant, engaging, information-packed webinars so you can:


  1. Maintain your Long Term Care Administrator’s License with credits supplied by BETLSS approved provider
  2. Develop your staff on individual basis or as a team through webinars or workshops


What people say:

“Excellent webinar series, this will help me in my professional and personal life. Thank you so much! Lauren is a wonderful presenter!”

“Outstanding in every respect. Material was first rate and presenter was wonderful.”

“Very informative and helpful!”

“I have learned a great deal these webinars, so glad I signed up for them!”

“These Leadership webinars have been extremely helpful. The presenter is very knowledgeable and sharp!”



Make your webinar selections

Be a more effective and dynamic leader who engages, encourages and empowers employees to their best performance by adding key skills and strategies to your leadership tool box.

Your PLUS — Gain practical skills in an inspirational format. Practice skills and concepts on relevant work-place scenarios

Advance the Interpersonal Intelligence of Your Leadership Series
People Skills, Personal Substance and Influence Smarts

Choose 1 or multiple 1-hour self-study webinar modules

Module 1: Aim
Clarify and reset work-life direction. Achieve outcomes by setting break-through goals. Visioning exercises for you and your staff.  More.

Module 2: Adapt
Why can’t you do things like me? Apply knowledge of communication styles to make work and personal relationships better – get more done with less stress and more cooperation.  More.

Module 3: Align
Build bridges of understanding and approach-ability with your words and body language. Increase others’ receptivity of your message.  More.

Module 4: Advocate
So what do you do and why it does it matter? Talk up you and your facility’s value and create signature “sound bites” of value to share with community, residents and team.  More.

Each 1 hour module: $19.97



Turn Up The Power Of Your Communications Series

Choose 1 or multiple 1-hour self-study webinar modules

Module 1: The Power of Managing the Toxicity of Negativity
Apply 3 C approach to 5 negative types, 5 communication tools and apply a 6-Seconds to Sanity approach to cope with poise.  More.

Module 2: The Power of an Accountable and Assertive Approach
Send clear, direct messages and stop walking on eggshells.  More.

Module 3: The Power of Seeing Both Sides
Ease conflict and mis-perceptions by overcoming assumptions, squirrely thinking and move to clarity, connection and understanding.  More.

Module 4: The Power of Constructive Feedback
Professionally give and receive it. 3 feedback formulas for acknowledgement, improvement and to advance performance.  More.

Each 1 hour module: $19.97



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How ordering works.

SELECT one of the webinars on this site approved by BETLSS.

ACCESS and PRINT any accompanying materials when applicable.

Print quiz so you can follow with webinar.

VIEW and LISTEN to the webinars of your choice and take accompanying on-line quiz.

SUBMIT quiz as instructed after purchase. Pass quiz with 80% score per BETLSS requirements.

RECEIVE – Upon completion and submission of quiz with passing score of 80, a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to the email address you provided and we will provide BETLSS the needed documentation upon completion of the webinar.




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