Strategic Momentum

Strategic Momentum

Facilitation Skills to Build Consensus and Accomplish Outcomes

What will facilitation skill training do for me and my library?

Position your library as a consultative community resource.

Imagine library talent learning facilitation skills so you offer those skills to those seeking to use library spaces for community gatherings and meetings.

Make it known that you can offer resources, neutrality and facilitation!

Increase library team performance and collaboration

Facilitation, dialogue and inquiry skills strengthen employees’ ability to lead and influence

planning, goal-setting, brainstorming, visioning and team-engaging sessions within your facility

Tap your internal talent and resources, galvanize motivation, and get people on the same page to move forward strategically, meet changing needs and achieve successful workplace outcomes.

  • Learn and apply tools to gain collaboration, engagement and group decision making
  • Take away 5 Principles of Engagement and 6 Tools of Facilitation including consensus and discussion models
  • Add a guide to handling interruptions and your tool box.
  • Learn how to manage disruptive meeting behavior.