Program Detail



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MODULE 1: RESET Your Personal Leader Compass through 5 Step CREAM Goal-Setting Plan

• Create parallel and synergistic paths for your work and life
• Shape vision for yourself and your team through three (3) re-usable visioning tools
• Stretch your “can do”, set break-through goals as a springboard to creating your future


MODULE 2: FLEX Your Communication Style to Get Things Done Better Through People

• Inventory your Interpersonal Communication Style assessment to identify strengths and opportunities for growth
• Adapt your communication style by selecting specific behaviors so your message is ‘heard’ by others
Understand what motivates you and others and shapes the approach to: people, tasks, pace, change, conflict and use of time.



PeopleShakingHandsMODULE 3: COMMUNICATE Clear Verbal and Non-Verbal Messages that Connect, Align and Increase Receptivity

What message are you sending? How often do you question why people take your message differently than you intended?
• Learn to use the language of collaboration and accountability to gain credibility and to encourage receptivity of your message.
• Increate rapport by assessing your body langauage and creating a delivery alignment that is congruent in words, tone and gestures.
• Learn how to validate feelings and deflect emotional reactions



Module 4: ADVOCATE You and Your Organization’s Value

• Paint clear pictures with your words and add impact and influence by using story, analogy, examples and talking points to make your communications clear and memorable.
• Leverage the knowledge of your audience, the point of your message and the structure of building a ‘Conversation that Connects’ to gain ‘buy-in’, share the value of a product, service or idea, create excitement or explain a concept.
• Learn the value of “The WHY” in sharing your value and your organization’s.