Virtual Speaking Presentation and Presence Coaching

You are an aspiring professional who wants to take that next step tobecoming a more effective and dynamic communicator. You understand speaking is a vital skill in interacting with groups, sharing ideas, promoting/marketing products and services, networking and enhancing your credibility and visibility all–path pavers– for your next great opportunity.


Why virtual coaching is valuable for you


Private session between you and your coach with expert professional guidance

Suggestions specifically targeted to enhance your skills and presentation presence

Convenient: No travel – No meetings — Work from where you are.

Phone times arranged with your schedule


How can I make it happen?


   Send a digital segment or video clip of a 5-15 minute portion of an actual or simulated presentation or conversation on a topic. *The video clip does not have to be high quality video or formal. You may use your personal electronics. The objective is to make a visual capture of your speaking and presentation style so suggestions can be made to help you reach your goals.


State your objectives, your learning focus and professional speaking goals.


Your objectives and video will be reviewed to enable do-able suggestions, immediately useable.


Arrange up to a 60 minute phone coaching session and receive tips, strategies and suggestions to level up your presentation and presence.


Arrange for a second “Review and Refine” up to 60 minute follow-up phone coaching session.


Lauren’s value to you


Conducted thousands of presentations to diverse industries and across many levels of personnel

Performed on television and radio and in training films

Facilitate seminars on presentation skills to audiences in the public and private sectors

Certified coach, national speaker and trainer


Continuing Education Credits 4 hours. Receive Certificate of Completion.


Fee: $597 for expert review of your video, your objectives and relevant information, one hour phone coaching session and one follow-up Review and Refine phone coaching session after you’ve had an opportunity to apply recommendations. Organization discounts available for multiple personnel.


Launch the next step in your speaking success and open the door to great opportunities. Get started now —Call 440.877.9390 or. submit your information below to [Type VIRUAL SPEAKING COACHING in subject line]                                                                               You will be contacted to set up a session.