Advance Through Professionalism


Learning session/keynote/coaching

How many issues would you like to solve that revolve around influence, power and professionalism?

This interactive, informative and motivational program is an opportunity to adapt workplace behavior, positively impact job performance and improve the perception of peers and supervisor(s). The 5 R’s of Personal Power and InfluenceSM will help you gain results; take responsibility; earn respect; and influence relationships.

  • Make empowering decisions through the three rule of focus and a Personal Power Grid.
  • Apply a responsibility formula and walk the talk.
  • Inventory your personal interpersonal style and build better relationships.
  • Improve HOW you deliver your messages so people take what you say in the most positive way—a coaching piece that includes verbals/non verbals.
  • Develop behaviors that demonstrate respect and sustain resiliency.

Learning Outcome

Increase credibility, connection and communication.