Become an Advocate for Your Organization


Learning session/keynote/coaching

What would happen if each individual in your organization could ‘talk up’ your organizational value inside and outside your organization?

Lauren assists staff and leaders differentiate your organizational value to customers, community and businesses by creating relevant and memorable marketing messages. Participants will add interest to one-on-one conversations by creating stories and ‘talking points’ that connect and talk up the value of services provided. The discovery process affirms teamwork and contributions that support the mission of the organization.

  • Leverage marketing principles and share organization value through one on one conversations.
  • Identify the ‘marketing’ opportunities to share the organizational message.
  • Craft an Individual Value Statement that demonstrates impact and service-value.
  • Deliver a message that grabs attention, inspires excitement and contains a quick ‘aha’.
  • Share your message with confidence and comfort.

Learning Outcome

Build a repertoire of talking points and stories to share the value of your organization and the individual value given to customers.