Phone Etiquette and Call Management


Learning session/coaching

Are your phone practices creating a springboard for positive response or a sink-hole for negative reaction?

How the phone is answered and subsequently managed creates an image in the minds of customers. Create a positive impression and set a positive tone through customized content to fit specific needs. Telephone voice and phone etiquette coaching is available for key staff members who are strategic to image-setting.

  • Answer a call.
  • Determine Problem Content and Emotional Message.
  • Place a call on hold.
  • 12 Steps to Handling Complaints and problem solving.
  • Take a message.
  • Manage Challenging Callers.
  • Transfer a call.
  • Research information on phone.
  • Accept the transfer.
  • Close a call.

Learning Outcome

Send a positive organizational message by sharpening phone etiquette skills.