Advance the INFLUENCE of Your Leadership


Determine Your Leader Vision
  • Create parallel and synergistic vision paths for your personal and professional leadership
  • Shape/Reshape your vision for yourself and your organization through guided
    discovery exercises
  • Move vision to reality through setting goals for desired outcomes


Influence Connection and Commitment
  • Inventory your Interpersonal Communication Style assessment to identify strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Adapt your communication style by selecting specific behaviors so your message can be
    ‘heard’ by others
  • Understand intrinsic and extrinsic motivators
  • Learn strategies to empower and encourage


Use Language as an Action Influencer to Encourage and Inspire

Choice of words and accompanying non verbal communication sends a message.
What messages are you sending? How often do you question why people take your message differently than you intended? Explore words and gestures that are accountable and engage collaboration.

  • Learn to use language of collaboration and accountability
  • Access body language that creates alignment
  • Learn how to validate feelings and deflect emotional reactions


Add Impact and Vitality to Create Conversations of Influence

Paint clear pictures with your words and add impact and influence by using story, analogy, examples and talking points to make your communications clear and memorable.

Leverage the knowledge of your audience, the point of your message and the structure of building a ‘Conversation of Influence’ to respond effectively in formal and informal situations where you want to gain ‘buy-in’, share the value of a product, service or idea, create excitement or explain a concept.

  • Explore and practice using story, analogies, examples, compare and contrast
  • Identify opportunities to make your message, clear, meaningful and memorable.
  • Support your communications with ‘talking points’, points of interest, facts, data
    to inspire attention