Manage Undesirable Employee Behavior

Negativity mucks up the workplace. Untreated, it morphs and shows up in many unacceptable employee behaviors that suck the soul, snuff out initiative, create paranoia, demand discipline and downsize performance.

What can be done to treat the symptoms, manage the toxicity, keep it from spreading and minimize how it is created, promoted or allowed to happen in the first place and in the future?

Improve work productivity and quality of work-life in this practical and interactive workshop designed to provide tools to fight back and fight right.

  • Identify causes and effects of common types of negators
  • Isolate defense mechanisms that hinder the ability to respond with ‘Poised Power’
  • Apply strategies to deal with gossip, finger pointing, naysayers, whiners, drama queens/kings, my-way-or-the-high-wayers, complainers and other energy-draining behaviors
  • Advance performance through effective performance coaching or counseling, discipline and feedback strategies
  • Help employees safeguard themselves from ‘slings and arrows’ of negators
  • Check out common ways managers incubate the growth of negators
  • Identify ‘Red Flags’ before behaviors wig out of control
  • Prevent the ‘contagion’ of negativity and unacceptable behaviors
  • Deal when you may not have the power.
  • Practice skills on work place scenarios
  • Explore how to set a trusting climate that ongoingly develops performance
  • Bring back to work a guided questionnaire to prepare an approach for chronic negators