Sharpen Your Presentation Skills: Build Influence and Impact


Learning/Coaching sessions

Do you admire people who are at ease, confident and comfortable while speaking in front of others? Do you find yourself contemplating how to deliver content effectively and how to adopt a style that engages an audience and keeps their attention? Strong presentation is mastering not only WHAT you say, but HOW you say it!

  • Shape your vocal, verbal and visual communications to create impact and influence with your audience and identify the habits that dissuade.
  • Select points of content to match your audience and organize it in a fashion that supports your message.
  • Increase your confidence, command of your information and poise in presenting to a diversity of audiences and sizes.
  • Effectively use notes and power point.
  • Practice presentation skills in relation to your job.

Learning Outcome

Sharpen awareness of your speaking strengths and gain strategies to make the most of opportunities for growth. Hone an authentic and influencing presence.