Springboard Your Leadership: Essential Supervisory Skills


Learning session

Do you wonder why good performers don’t necessarily make good supervisors? One reason is the skill sets change to an interpersonal focus. Another reason is that style and expectations are not identified nor communicated to engage the commitment of people.

Articulate Your Leadership

Communicate your values and style in proactive and intentional way.

Enhance Performance through Effective Feedback

Use three simple formulas to deliver feedback for reinforcement, improvement and to advance your growth as a supervisor. Apply guidelines for conducting a developmental coaching session focused on redirecting behavior.

Motivate and energize employees for stronger productivity

Explore intrinsic and extrinsic strategies to motivate and empower.


Identify resistances to change, the process of change and strategies to move through them as well as check lists for implementation.


Learn resolution techniques and become more collaborative.

Learning Outcome

Obtain skills and interior power that help leaders communicate their style; give effective feedback; encourage and support performance; and manage change and conflict.