Team Building Programs

Building Team Cultures of InfluenceSM
Team building learning and coaching sessions are shaped to customer needs. The process can include assessment and development to better understand and influence others; to determine the strength of the team; to go beyond the ‘silo’ of departmentalization to greater understanding of the whole and to sharpen relevancy and impact of information and services provided to other departments.
• Understand motivations and approaches of others.
• Appreciate the functions of other departments to understand the importance and impact of what is provided.
• Motivate workers and create interdependence.
• Leverage strengths and identifying opportunities for growth.
• Market ideas/presentations to other departments.
• Understand learning styles to navigate projects more successfully.
• Set goals and directions.
• Enhance internal and external service.
• Create conversations of influence which avoid assumptions, provides constructive feedback, manages negativity and uses collaborative language.
• Lead teams.