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Use Speaking as a Marketing Strategy to Attract and Keep Customers

Move beyond the reluctance and challenge of speaking to leverage presentation and value messages as dynamic marketing strategies to educate on-line and in-person and draw more customers

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I am a professional who wants educate and engage potential customers and let them see my value and the value of my new and/or existing services/products.

People don’t have the total picture of what our organization offers. We want them to know all we offer.

We want to reach out to the community, tell our story and change the perception of our image. How can we create a presentation(s) to take to our target market(s)? Up until now, customers came to us. To remain viable we must make our customer connections personal, engaging and interactive –on line and in person. How do we move beyond “what” we do and speak to why it is important to customers? How do I increase my believability and my market’s trust?How do I become more dynamic, credible and put more WOW in my presentations? I want to revitalize my existing presentation or customer conversation and gain expert advice on how to make it more customer-relevant, relatable and fresh I want to create webinars and videos. I’ve got the expertise and experience, but am not sure how to translate that vocally or “on camera” . How can I create a “visual presence” that connects and engages with others?

How we help

Advisor, Content Creator and Coach to help you launch WOW presentations, customer conversations and value messages to get and keep customers.

Illustrate your Worth Open doors of Opportunity

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Expertise we provide
Lauren Burnett * National Speaker and Trainer

* 35 years as curriculum developer and people developer

* Certified Business Coach,
World Wide Association of Coaches

* Former President of Image Advertising Marketing and

* Media Talent: Voice- Over, radio and television commercials and training films
Service Solutions we offer —

Brand Message
Create a personal or organizational message that establishes identity in the mind of your listeners.

Develop organization that makes listening easier to follow.
Access writing assistance to aid in clarity and flow.

Paint memorable pictures in the minds of your listener’s using story, analogies and data points.
Add introductions, conclusions and transitions that create continuity, understanding, interest and a move-to-action impetus.

Authentic Presence
How do you put it all together? Coaching sessions show you how to let your realness radiate.

Benefit from a “Delivery Alignment”™ Audit–
Discover if your content, words and body language send the message you intend, one that will “ring true” is credible and connects with your listeners.

Video On-Line Presence
Videos are effective ways to tell your story and make a customer impact.

Our coaching helps you relate to your audience, brand your message and create a physical presence that supports it.

Voice Coaching

Does your voice sound as professional as you are?

Benefit from a Voice Check©.
Learn how to turn bland into believable, energetic and
Don’t let them forget you!

Be memorable. Let us help you create “leave behinds” that highlight your message and a call to action.