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Pricing is for single-user access. If are interested in group/multi-user access or an in-person program, contact us. If you have a COUPON, click buy and apply coupon on next page.  (You would know if you have a coupon.)

What you can expect in this self-paced webinar…

You will walk away with 5-Step CREAM System for Success, 10 Immediately Useful Tools and a 20 page Launch Workbook to set vision, goals, re-align with purpose and take steps to achieve the outcomes you envision with the sense of fulfillment you desire. 

(Applicable for individuals seeking to re-set their personal life-work compass. PLUS additional tools and activities for team/group leaders to set Team Direction and Vision.)

Get all this in your 20-page AIM Launch workbook.

  • 5-Step CREAM Method to re-set life/work direction
  • Complete the Past activity to make room for your “new”.
  • Job-Satisfaction Inventory to clarify if you are is where you need to be and to re-ignite your motivation.
  • Personal Mission Statement Template to clarify and connect with your purpose.
  • Flash-Forward Vision activity to galvanize and align your daily activity with your vision of achieving outcomes for you (and your team).
  • Printable SuccessCards format that tap the power of creative visualization to motivate and achieve goals.
  • A High-Dive Activity to set Break-Through Goals and stretch yourself!
  • A Strategy Mapping method to accelerate project goals for self (and team).



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