JOURNALING: Your Creative Tool to Relieve Leader Stress, Release Emotions and Raise Clarity and Confidence


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This is a recorded webinar. Pricing is for single user access.

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A two hour program – two hours credit

Dr. Robert Cooper, author of Executive EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Perter Drucker leadership guru suggest that leaders (and anyone within a wide age range using journaling as a practice) who write out their thoughts, emotions and concerns increase their ability to get clear on issues, boost their energy and uplift their sense of well-being. In addition journaling has been proven to boost immune systems and to speed recovery from operations and illnesses.

What you can expect

Learn the benefits of journaling for your mind, body and soul.

Identify the relationship between your stressors and what you desire for four life quadrants and how they affect each other.

Establish your vision-desire within a four life quadrants model.

Release stress and gain clarity using five (5) tools.

Navigate your emotions through seven (7) prompts and explore “what’s going on”.

Customize the potential content of a journal for your use and tips on how to organize.

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