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Webinar Description

Gain 10 Tools you can use to facilitate change in your life and your facility you’re your team.

Leaders must make change work for them and their organization. Every time we ask any of our employees to change a form, learn a new computer system or change a behavior, we can meet resistance and symptoms of change: low productivity, low morale, and absenteeism.

This program focuses on the fact that we don’t manage “change” – we cannot lasso it or make it conform to us – but we do manage the psychological adaptation to transition. It also focuses on tools to help people through change, engage commitment and help move people from resistance to acceptance and adaptation.

What you can expect

Gain 10 tools on how to facilitate change for you and your staff.

Examine the 4 Situational Profiles of Change and how to apply them to your facility.

Identify the symptoms and what is needed to move through in each “wave” of change in our Waves of Change Model.

Explore change management strategy tools: the 5 Categories of Change and their resistances and solutions, conversation starters, change message check list, communication styles needs and strengths during change, leader pitfalls and trust killers.

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