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This is a recorded webinar. Pricing is for single- user access.

For group/multiple-user access on our learning platform using our learning platform or to inquire about having this webinar(s) available on your learning platform or presented “live” for your customers contact us.

Be constructive and professional and practice three easy-to-apply feedback formulas on workplace scenarios.

Your ability TO GIVE constructive feedback paves the way for improved performance and does so in a way that others can accept.

Your ability TO RECEIVE constructive feedback in positive manner increases your professionalism and allows you to remain open to grow and advance.

What you can expect:

  • Appreciate and encourage others’ positive behavior and performance by using an easy two- step  feedback formula.
  • Improve another’s behavior/performance by applying a compare and contrast 4-step feedback tool that lets others to see how what they did wasn’t working and how what they can do will make a difference.
  • Proactively ask others on what you can do differently to improve your behavior using our 3-Step Check-In.
  • Acknowledge others’ performance through an ASAP model for giving praise that personalizes your feedback and makes it meaningful.

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