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Move from tension and potential conflict to cooperation and collaboration.

Have you ever been involved in a frustrating “Yes-No” conflict where one person thinks her view is right and another thinks his side is valid and neither moves beyond their “side”?

Have you seen others’ jump to conclusions and form opinions without checking to see if they are accurate and the opportunity for cooperation or collaboration is blocked?

Have you experienced confusion and negativity from yours’ or others’ non-logical thinking?

You are not alone. The workplace is peppered with conflict-making, relationship-tension examples where solutions get lost in the translation!

What you can expect:

Discover communication solutions in this webinar packed with workplace examples and practice opportunities to get past the tug and pull of “my side-your side” conflict-producing exchanges, conclusion-jumping and “stinkin’ thinkin’ “.
Use the dynamic Ladder of Reasoning tool to check assumptions before non-effective actions and reactions are taken and the opportunity for collaboration is lost.

Apply key listening tools to get the full story and identify the problem.

Learn how to advocate your view point and learn how to ask the right questions to understand “the other person’s side” and avoid conflict.

Leverage tips and tools on how to assume a collaborative approach and focus on issues not people.

Gain tools on how you can avoid and how you can manage others’ use of negative thinking habits that stand in the way of seeing both sides and reaching constructive solutions.

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