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Learn and practice applying antidotes/solutions to common negative behavior types and situations

Negative outlooks and behaviors block productivity, creativity and teamwork. Left untreated, it saps our energy and creates a “downer” atmosphere that sucks the fun out of doing business, turns off customers and creates relationship disharmony.

Our response sets a “tone of exchange” and is an opportunity to positively impact the image and reputation of your organization.

What you can expect:

Engage the cool-and-calm poise you need to deal effectively with negators by commanding your emotions with “6 Seconds to Sanity” Strategies including the Power of Focus to command  your emotions.

Identify 7 top reasons for negativity at work

Position for “Relationship-health” by understanding 3 key needs people have.

Apply our 3-C Approach to dealing with negativity: Command, Communication and Connect.

Embrace the Power of Choice by learning 4 choices we can make in managing a negative situation.

Leverage the Power of Focus so to command your emotions.

Learn and practice solutions to 5 key Negative Types such as the Bully, No People, Slackers, My Way or the Highwayers, and Drama-matics.

Learn 7 communication tools you can immediately apply to build rapport and bring about solution.

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