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Webinar Description

Access your Communication Style and get things done easier and with less tension through people.

Building cooperative relationships is at the heart of personal leadership, team development and customer service. One of the greatest hurdles is appreciating and understanding differences in people’s preferences and style because we often expect others to do things just as we do!

What you can expect:

Apply the knowledge of communication styles to gain cooperation and achieve outcomes.

Complete an interpersonal communication style inventory to determine your communication style and what that means in terms of your strengths and vulnerabilities.

Get things done with less stress and more productivity. Increase your adaptability and flexibility in your interpersonal work and life relationships.

Strengthen your understanding of self and others, learn how others approach tasks, people, pace, change and conflict and how that knowledge will create greater harmony and effectiveness in key relationships.

Choose and apply specific behaviors/approaches to adapt to others’ styles so greater cooperation and collaboration is gained and your message is heard.

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